Hockey Season—Bring On The Sharks! (And Their IT)

In honor of tomorrow’s opening of the NHL season, I’m publishing a Customer Success Snapshot I wrote a few months ago for Symantec about Sharks Sports and Entertainment (SSE), the parent company of the San Jose Sharks hockey team.

The piece is brief, but I tried to toss a little sports jargon in. For example: “Three Symantec solutions get lots of playing time in the SSE data center: Symantec Endpoint Protection, Backup Exec, and Enterprise Vault.”   Uy Ut, SSE’s Director of IT (and a great, quotable interviewee), used the term “skating to the puck” when we talked, but he had already used the same phrase in another tech success story I read. Using it in my piece would land me in the penalty box.


Throwback: Counting on DLP

It’s not often I get to introduce a personal anecdote into tech-oriented writing, but I did get this chance in “Counting on Data Loss Prevention,” written for Symantec’s CIO Digest in October 2008. (The link is to a 4-page PDF; the article is no longer online.) In the piece, I compared Data Loss Prevention—DLP—to the censorship done on letters my father sent home from Europe during World War II. It’s an apt comparison, I think; can you name other technology solutions that have analog analogues?