What Do You Seek?


Welcome! Here’s how to find what you want on Dispatches from World Headquarters, the online home of Fred Sandsmark and Marble Publishing.

If you’re an employer considering me ¬†for full-time work, here are more than 25 writing samples‚ÄĒwhite papers and data sheets, customer reference success stories, business and individual profiles, blog posts, and more. My¬†LinkedIn profile¬†serves as my resume and list of references. The¬†portfolio¬†category on this¬†site also has writing¬†samples.

If you seek¬†social media, my¬†Twitter account is @FredSandsmark¬†(a mix of personal and professional content); my¬†Instagram name is ftsandsmark¬†(nothing work-related there, but perhaps a view into my life and interests); and here’s my Facebook page (also not work-related, and fairly well locked down¬†from the public‚ÄĒyours should be too).

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